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CQRS recap, or “How to resuscitate”

I’m fighting a bit with my ego at the moment which is telling me I need to provide at least four paragraphs of update on what I’ve been doing the last three years when I last posted. The fight is … Continue reading 


Why use the command processor pattern in the service layer

Using a Command Processor When we think about a layered or hexagonal architecture it is common to identify the need for a service layer. The service layer both provides a facade over our domain layer to applications – acting as … Continue reading 

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Just put up http://cqrsinfo.com as many people have been asking for the information.   You will find there documents, 6-7 hours of video, and links to good material on the web.



What is CQRS? Well if we ask google it will say “did you mean CARS?” (although it seems for developers who search a lot it now actually comes up. According to http://www.all-acronyms.com/CQRS CQRS is Commercial Quality Rimmed Steel   CQRS is none … Continue reading 


DDD/CQRS/Event Sourcing List

I know there is a large subset that reads this blog and/or follows me on twitter and/or is on the ddd list but for those who are not in those sets. In hope of bringing the DDD list back to … Continue reading