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Why use the command processor pattern in the service layer

Using a Command Processor When we think about a layered or hexagonal architecture it is common to identify the need for a service layer. The service layer both provides a facade over our domain layer to applications – acting as … Continue reading 

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Mocks and Tell Don’t Ask

One of our alumni Karl blogged a request recently for folks to stop using mocks. Once upon a time I also made clear that I had a significant distrust of mocks. I’ve mellowed on that position over time, so I … Continue reading 

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It’s turtles all the way down

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4   Classically an ORM persists an object model to a relational model. Typically just use it to retrieve or persist the state of the objects in our model, not provide integration … Continue reading 

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On Learning Boo

Learning Boo As part of my commitment to The Pragmatic Programmer’s exhortation to learn a new language every year, I decided to tackle Boo. My interest has been piqued by the work Oren is doing in DSLs with Boo. Learning … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, pt.5

Last time around Last time we looked at how we map inheritance in NHibernate. This time I want to look at value types. Mapping Value types NHibernate supports a ‘fine-grained object model’. That is to say it allows us to … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, pt. 4

Last time we started looking at the parts of an OO model that need translation to relational form when we looked at mapping relationships. This time we will look at another area where we need to translate: mapping inheritance hierarchies. … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, Part 1

To go alongside my set of posts on LINQ To SQL I wanted to post an Introduction to NHibernate. These posts are not intended as any kind of masterclass, so experienced NHibernate hands might want to skip them. They are … Continue reading 

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Learning and craftsmanship

Roy has a pretty thoughful post on the barrier to entry for most developers with Test-Driven Development. I hope I am not doing Roy a disservice by summarizing it as: we have made TDD unapproachable to many by making it … Continue reading 

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TDD and Hard To Test Areas, Part 2

It’s been a while. I have been heads down on a new project (more about that some other time), and have not got around to posting. Without further ado here is the follow up post to TDD and Hart To … Continue reading 

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Architecting Linq to SQL, part 10

 Previously: Architecting Linq to SQL, part 9 End of the line This is intended to be the last part in this series and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about a number of related if diverse topics. I … Continue reading 

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