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Course Announcement: Object-Relational Mapping with NHibernate

Many people have asked over the past few months whether I will be offering a public course on NHibernate. The answer is now "Yes!" and it will be debuting in Calgary in August. If you’re interested in OR/M with NHibernate … Continue reading 

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Introducing psake

  A build automation tool… now with less XML… psake is a build automation tool written in PowerShell. It avoids the angle-bracket tax associated with executable XML by leveraging the PowerShell syntax in your build scripts. psake has a syntax … Continue reading 

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Achieving Persistence Ignorance with NHiberate Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone for coming out to see Achieving Persistence Ignorance with NHibernate at the Calgary .NET User Group this past Wednesday. You can download the slidedeck and code here. The following are some good resources on NHibernate and the … Continue reading 

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Plumbers at Work – Episode 17 – Space Is Big. Really Big.

Bil joins John and James on ooVoo to try out three-way videocasting. Play Silverlight video. Play MP3 audio only. DevTeach Montreal on Dec. 1-5 ( Call for speakers ( MOSS VHD 30-day Trial ( Podcasting Kit for SharePoint ( ReSharper … Continue reading 

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Achieving Persistence Ignorance with NHibernate coming to the Calgary .NET User Group

I’ll be speaking about Achieving Persistence Ignorance with NHibernate at the Calgary .NET User Group next Wednesday. Achieving Persistence Ignorance with NHibernate Object-relational persistence can be very complex and middle-tier code is often dominated by persistence concerns. Your Customer class … Continue reading 

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Running WatiN Tests on Vista

I’m writing some integration tests around the .NET PetShop, which has no tests whatsoever. Since the architecture is tightly coupled, you can’t really start writing unit tests effectively. You have to start applying Michael Feather’s techniques for breaking dependencies. Before … Continue reading 

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ReSharper 4 Goes Diamond

For those of you who missed it, JetBrains officially released ReSharper 4 last week. A list of new features can be found here. Most notably is full support for C# 3.0 and LINQ, but there are improvements in lots of … Continue reading 

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Becoming a Jedi – Part 3 of N

My third episode of Becoming a Jedi is live. In this episode, I start looking at ReSharper’s refactoring capabilities. Episode Listing Part 1 of N: Code Browsing streaming download Part 2 of N: Code Cleanup streaming download Part 3 of … Continue reading 

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The Great NHibernate/Castle Giveaway

Earlier this week, I received three (3) complimentary copies of Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite with a MSDN Premium Subscription from S. Somasegar, Corporate Vice President of DevDiv at Microsoft. This very generous gift, worth $10,939 USD per copy, was … Continue reading 

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NHibernate versus Ultimate Developer Rig – Kovacs Edition

Today I decided to contribute some patches to the upcoming NHibernate 2.0 release. First order of business was to get latest and then run: nant clean build > output-debug-build.log which compiles NHibernate and the unit tests. Unfortunately something went horribly … Continue reading 

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