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CodeBetter – in collaboration with JetBrains, IdeaVine, and – is proud to announce the launch of – a continuous integration server farm for open source projects. JetBrains is generously supporting our community efforts by funding the monthly costs … Continue reading 

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Calgary .NET User Group Presentation Postponed

Unfortunately I’m going to have to postpone my presentation on Tuesday as I broke my left wrist late this afternoon while ice skating with my older son. (I was practicing skating backwards, slipped, and landed with all my weight on … Continue reading 

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“Light Up Your Application with Convention-Over-Configuration” at Calgary.NET User Group

Coming to a .NET User Group near you*… This Tuesday only… Topic: Light Up Your Application with Convention-Over-Configuration Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Postponed Time: 5:00 pm – 5:15 pm (registration)   5:30 pm – ??? (presentation) Location: Nexen Conference … Continue reading 

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Mocks vs. Stubs

A friend, having recently upgraded to Rhino Mocks 3.5, expressed his confusion regarding when to use mocks vs. stubs. He had read Martin Fowler’s Mocks Aren’t Stubs (recommended), but was still confused with how to actually decide whether to use … Continue reading 

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PowerShell, Processes, and Piping

Last time, I discussed why you as a developer might be interested in PowerShell and gave you some commands to start playing with. I said we’d cover re-usable scripts, but I’m going to delay that until next post as I … Continue reading 

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Getting Started with PowerShell – Developer Edition

Recently I was on the PowerScripting Podcast hosted by Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz. I had a great time talking about PowerShell from a developer’s perspective and psake, my PowerShell-based build system, in particular. You can find the interview on … Continue reading 

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