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Easier Debugging with ReSharper and the Clipboard

We’ve all done it at one point or another. Our application throws an exception and we start wading through a standard Windows error dialog or a log file to examine the exception and stack trace. If you’re a ReSharper Jedi, … Continue reading 

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Date/Time Support in NHibernate

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] In this post, we’ll examine the ways that NHibernate supports the DateTime-related data types, including some new features introduced in NHibernate 2 and 3. Here is a quick summary for the … Continue reading 

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Loquacious Configuration in NHibernate 3

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] One of the new features in NHibernate 3 is the addition of a fluent API for configuring NHibernate through code. Fluent NHibernate has provided a fluent configuration API for awhile, but … Continue reading 

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