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The Case of the Confused ComboBox – A WPF/MVVM Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there were four friends – two TextBoxes and two ComboBoxes. They all lived happily on a WPF Window bound together in blissful MVVM harmony. The TextBoxes were bound to the ViewModel’s TextBoxText property and the ComboBoxes … Continue reading 

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ReSharper, Import Symbol Completion, XML files, and You

System.Type and XML are the nuts and gum of the development world. You can stuff a System.Type into an XML file, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes you don’t have much choice. For example: Custom configuration … Continue reading 

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Communication Bandwidth on Successful Projects

[Originally published on Telerik blog here. Republished with permission.] As developers, we like to believe that only raw data matters. And what is more raw than the written word? Does this mean that email is a more efficient communication mechanism … Continue reading 

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