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BizTalk Server 2004 – Native Parsing Error Gotcha!

This has definitely been my week for BizTalk surprises! Having successfully deployed several flat-file to XML maps with very little trouble, I never expected to see “Native parsing error: The path is not of a legal form” during routine testing of … Continue reading 

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BizTalk Server 2004 – A Simple Deployment Scenario!

OK, we’ve built our little BizTalk solution according to the latest “best practices”, putting standard schemas in one project, solution related schemas and maps in another project and our custom pipelines in a third project. We’ve build these in “Development” configuration and … Continue reading 

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BizTalk Server 2004: SQL Adapter Tips

Tip #1: Be Very Careful Naming Your SQL Objects This one caught me completely by surprise! Having successfully run through the SQL Adapter (BizTalk Server Sample) in the SDK, I thought I had the basics down pretty well but for … Continue reading 

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