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BizTalk Server 2004 – Windows XP Service Pack 2 Gotcha!

I’m reposting after receiving several emails asking why Windows XP Service Pack 2 prevents the BizTalk Explorer from working correctly! I installed WinXP SP2 on my main development workstation this weekend after reviewing much of the support documentation and a recent … Continue reading 

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Business Process Automation – Don’t Just Shift the Costs!

I’m stepping on my soapbox again so be warned! I’ve recently encountered a number of well-intentioned (or perhaps not so well-intentioned) companies looking to reduce their business-to-business transaction costs for processing purchase orders and invoices through some sort of “business … Continue reading 

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BizTalk Server 2004 – New Performance Blog

The BizTalk Team at MS has created a new “performance” related blog. As they say on the PGA commercials… “These Guys Are Good!”

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