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Can You Tell What I’m Currently Working On?

Go Ahead, Take A Guess! All I can tell you right now is it’s TOP SECRET, ultra-sensitive, really cool and Sahil’s not involved (well, except for his advice)! Oh yeah, one more thing… “The Universe Just Got Way More Connected”.

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The Best Laid Plans …

I promise this is my last non-technical post but I thought you might want an update. There’s one thing about a voluntary evacuation you should all know. The Texas highway system is one of the best in the nation and … Continue reading 

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Elvis Has Left The Building!

Actually, what I meant to say is “The BizTalk Enthusiast” and family (my wife and four daughters) are evacuating Houston and heading for the hill country! We have decided to drive to San Antonio rather than stay in Houston and … Continue reading 

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WinFX – Windows Workflow Foundation

[:O] Boy, is it gonna be an interesting year to be an integration developer! At the PDC05 today, Microsoft took the wraps off their new workflow engine called Windows Workflow Foundation. To quote Microsoft, the “Windows Workflow Foundation is the … Continue reading 

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BizTalk Server 2002 – Refresh Messaging Manager Tool

I’ve decided to repost this after seeing that quite a few of you folks are still using BizTalk Server 2002 and this question keeps coming up in the newsgroups. In the BizTalk Server 2002 SDK there is a little utility … Continue reading 

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Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

If your company doesn’t have a Windows Server update strategy yet, It should! (I’ll get down off my soapbox now) A few months ago Microsoft released their latest free upgrade tool, Windows Server Update Services. This new software enables IT … Continue reading 

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