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BizTalk Server 2006: Gilles Zunino’s MessageContext Visualizer

Gilles Zunino [MSFT] has released another cool new BizTalk tool for those of us working with BizTalk Server 2006.

Debugger Visualizer for BizTalk Server 2006

If you’ve used any of the new debugger visualizers in VS2005 (I use the DataSet visualizer almost every day), you know just how much easier these little gems make debugging your applications. And if you’ve ever needed to debug a BizTalk pipeline, you’ll find that this new tool can save you countless hours of frustration.

Now that BizTalk Server 2006 has been released, I expect you’ll see a lot more of these tools popping up in the next few months. It’s gonna be a great year to be an “integration” developer!

Correction: Gilles doesn’t work in Japan. His office is in Redmond. Oops! JL

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