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ASP.NET 2.0: CSS "Friendly" Control Adapters!

Brian Goldfarb [MSFT] (all around great guy) posted about the new CSS Friendly Control Adapters now available from Microsoft. You’ve gotta give to the ASP.NET Team. These guys really do listen to the developer community. Go Get Em!

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Commerce Server 2007: Extend Your Reach!

The other day I was asked to explain how we are going to use Commerce Server 2007 to help our business grow. Having already gone through all the proposals, cost justifications and business scenario meetings, I really thought it was obvious. … Continue reading 

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BizTalk Server 2006: Archive Pipeline Component

In BizTalk Server 2002 I wrote a custom pipeline component in C# to archive inbound messages “just in case” something messed up and the interchange was lost. In BTS2004 I used Gilles Zunino’s [MSFT] excellent Archiver pipeline component. Unfortunately, this component … Continue reading 

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Commerce Server 2007: Authorization Policy Roles

Commerce Server 2006 provides several web services which are used to perform specific administrative tasks such as editing a catalog, creating a discount, and deleting an order. Commerce Server 2007 Web Services CatalogWebService MarketingWebService OrdersWebService ProfilesWebService Commerce Server 2007 Business Management … Continue reading 

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Commerce Server 2007: Databases

I’ve been asked about the Commerce Server 2007 databases several times in the past few weeks and thought I’d take just a minute to list them for everyone since the beta docs are a little vague. In CS2002, site data … Continue reading 

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Commerce Server 2007: Using Weakly-Typed Properties

Nihit Kaul [MSFT] has written an exceptionally clear and easy to understand post on how to use weakly-typed properties in the CS2007 Orders system. If you’re looking to upgrade from CS2002 to CS2007, this little tidbit of information will save your hours … Continue reading 

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Commerce Server MVP – Thanks to Everyone!

I just received my official notification that I’ve been awarded an MVP in Commerce Server! I couldn’t have achieved this without the help and support of my fellow bloggers and the entire Commerce Server team in Redmond. Special thanks … Continue reading 

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