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Commerce Server 2007: Configuring Your BizTalk Adapters

Since many Commerce Server developers are not too familiar with BizTalk Server 2006, I thought I’d post a few more details on setting up and configuring the new Commerce Server 2007 BizTalk Adapters.

Before you can use the new adapters to connect to Commerce Server, you’ll need to install and configure them using the BizTalk Server 2006Administrator Console.

The first step is to open the Platform Settings branch on the console’s tree-view as shown below. Right-click on the Adapters branch and select New, then Adapter from the pop-up menu.

This will open the Adapter Properties dialog box where you select the adapter to add from the Adapter drop-down box as shown below. You also need to enter a Name for your adapter and as you can see, my choice was pretty unimaginative.

Next you click on the Apply button and then the OK button to close the dialog box. Repeat this for all the other new adapters and when you’re finished your tree-view should look like this.

If you’re already familar with BizTalk Server 2006, then the next few posts are gonna bore you to tears. If you’re primarily a Commerce Server developer then take some notes and jump on the BizTalk Bandwagon!

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