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Commerce Server 2007: Performance Guide Available

The Commerce Server team has just released their Commerce Server 2007 Performance Guide white paper. This is a must read for any Commerce Server developer or IT professional supporting Commerce Server. What's really amazing is how fast and scalable CS2007 really is given all the things going on behind the scenes and I can personally attest to how well it performs. I know the folks in Redmond that did all the testing described in this document and it's really a great read!

Have fun!

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One Response to Commerce Server 2007: Performance Guide Available

  1. I’m not as confident as you about CS performance, cause we have had bad surprises when using CS with a deep catalog tree (5 to 7 levels) and when the proc stocks behind CS uses “recursive” access, sometimes, it tooks about 30 second to render the “list of products” page.

    I have been looking around on the Internet for optimization guidance but found no one that fits the best my needs.

    At the end, we were forced to make a direct data access and created a new product class.

    I just don’t like it, having to work with two parallel “systems” my object the the CS ones. So, if there’s any suggestions, it would be of a great help.

    BTW, I think Commerce Server is the only product in Microsoft’s catalog that does’t have a good Microsoft commitment. I mean no books, no certification, richless documentation and articles. Hope this gonna change soon with mojave and the upcoming.

    Thanks in advence,


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