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More Thoughts on HTML5, CSS3 & WebKit Advances!

Yesterday I wrote a post on Why Safari May Become the Browser of Choice and got some great feedback (both positive and negative) in the comments and several emails. I thought I’d take this opportunity to address this feedback and … Continue reading 

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Why Safari May Become the Browser of Choice!

If you’re a web designer, web developer or just someone that keeps up with the latest "Web 2.0" technologies, you know that a lot of progress is being made by ALL the major browsers to become "standards compliant". You also … Continue reading 

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Consolas Font: Old Age & Tired Eyes!

There is a great little post on this morning’s IEBlog that talks about the (relatively) new Consolas font and how to enable it for use in a command prompt! Here’s an excerpt from the post… Bryn Spears on the Internet … Continue reading 

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