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Finding Freelance Work

I received a recent comment from Paul, asking how I found my “weekend gigs” or freelance development work. That’s a pretty good question and the short answer (without sounding too presumptuous) is that God provides! The long answer is “I … Continue reading 

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My Double Life!

As most of you know, during the day I’m a mild-mannered .NET developer using all things Microsoft. But I lead a double life! Before my (still undiagnosed) illness came upon me suddenly last year, most of my free time was … Continue reading 

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Commerce Server 2007: Importing Excel Catalog Data

This just came up in the Commerce Server forums and I wanted to remind everyone that FarPoint Technologies has an Excel parser component ( FarPoint Spread for BizTalk Server 2006) that can be used to create a simple process for … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET "Head" Rendering Issues!

Are you one of “those” ASP.NET web developers that care passionately about not only about writing “good” code, but writing “easily” understood and “readable” code? Are you looked upon as perhaps a little bit “obsessive” about your code? Do you … Continue reading 

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