BizTalk Server 2006 – BTARN 3.5 Configuration Tips

Just a quick post to those of you planning to use the BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.5. There are a few little “issues” that you need to know about before you get started.

Accounts, Hosts & Host Instances

BTARN 3.5 requires the use of Hosts that have the Authentication Trusted option enabled. This has to be configured BEFORE you create any Host Instances. I recommend creating a new Service Account, a new In-Process Host, a new Isolated Host and then a new Host Instance for each of these as shown in the table below. You will also need to create new HTTP and SQL Send Handlers and Receive Handlers as well.

Note: The In-Process Host Instance account and Isolated Host Instance account must be the same for BTARN to work properly!

Service Account: Domain\AccountName
In-Process Host: RosettaNetApplication
In-Process Host Instance: RosettaNetApplication
Isolated Host: RosettaNetIsolatedHost
Isolated Host Instance: RosettaNetIsolatedHost
SQL Send Handler: RosettaNetApplication
SQL Receive Handler: RosettaNetApplication
HTTP Receive Handler: RosettaNetIsolatedHost
HTTP Send Handler: RosettaNetApplication

Installation & Configuration

Don’t use “localhost” for your BizTalk Server or Web Server name when running the Configuration Wizard. Use the NetBIOS name of your BizTalk Server machine and the NetBIOS name of your Web Server machine instead. The Configuration Wizard will fail with a strange error if you use default “localhost”.

Why? I have no earthly idea but I will be submitting this to the BizTalk team as a bug!

One final note

All the BTARN bits are deployed to the BizTalk Application 1 by default. I’m still trying to find a way to isolate the RosettaNet bits (schemas, maps, pipelines, ports and orchestrations) in their own BizTalk Apllication much like the new EDI/AS2 bits are. I’ll post if I find an easy way to accomplish this.

Happy Integrations!


I just want everyone to know that I’m not really all that smart. I had a ton of help setting up BTARN 3.5 and getting things working properly! I hired the folks from Microsoft Consulting Services to come in and teach me everything I could learn about using RosettaNet in BizTalk Server 2006. Special thanks to Ross Santee! A great consultant.

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7 Responses to BizTalk Server 2006 – BTARN 3.5 Configuration Tips

  1. rajdotnet says:

    Jeff and Sujit…
    Just FYI…Here is hotfix available from MS since 04/09 for Sql Instance issue discussed above,


  2. jlynch says:

    @Sujit – Always glad to help. Good luck with the rest of you project.

  3. Sujit K says:

    As you also believed, its the Named instance which was creating the problem.. I tried on a Default SQL Instance and it configured just fine.

    Thanks a bunch for you help and quick replies.

  4. jlynch says:


    I believe the issue is with the named instance of SQL 2005. I would suggest creating a SQL alias for your named instance and running the setup in “custom” mode rather than “basic” mode. Also, make sure the account you are logged in as is a member of the local admins group or has SQL system admin privileges.

    This may be a bug in BTARN 3.5 but nothing comes up in a KB search.


  5. Sujit K says:

    Thanks for quick reply,
    TESTPC – the name of the system
    SQL2k5 – the SQL 2005 named instance.
    BizTalk Application Users – the biztalk users group. ( I am not specifying this. I don’t know how it picks this up and tries to create the group “TESTPC\SQL2K5\BizTalk Application Users). I would expect it to create just “TESTPC\BizTalk Application Users”

    I am using “TESTPC\SQL2K5″ as the value in the Data Server name since BT is installed on the named instance. Let me know if you need any more information..

    BTW, there is no Domain controller involved here. I am installing all on same box on a VPC in workgroup mode.

  6. jlynch says:

    @Sujit – It looks like your “BizTalk Application Users” group isn’t being found by the configuration wizard. If you are using a domain group the group should be in the form “Domain\BizTalk Application Users”. If you are using a local group it should be in the form “Machine\BizTalk Application Users”.

    What is your “TESTPC\SQL2K5\BizTalk Application Users” group referring to?

  7. Sujit K says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for this posting which is really useful. But I am still unable to configure the “RunTime” feature of the BT RN 3.5 Accelerator. This is the environment
    BizTalk R2, SQL 2005, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition w/ SP2. BT is installed on a named instance.. I have followed all the instructions that you have given in this post.. I bombs out with this error:
    [3:41:31 PM Info ConfigHelper] BizTalk Application Users is a local entity.
    [3:41:31 PM Info RNConfig] Entering function: CRNConfig::GrantLogin
    [3:41:31 PM Info RNConfig] BizTalk Application Users is a local entity
    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] Windows NT user or group ‘TESTPC\SQL2K5\BizTalk Application Users’ not found. Check the name again.
    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] SQL error: 42000 Native error code: 15401
    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] d:\depot2300\mercury\private\common\configwizard\confighelper\sqlhelper.cpp(1806): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] d:\depot2300\mercury\private\common\configwizard\confighelper\sqlhelper.cpp(2014): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] d:\depot2300\mercury\private\common\configwizard\confighelper\sqlhelper.cpp(1424): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] d:\depot2300\mercury\private\common\configwizard\confighelper\sqlhelper.cpp(779): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] Failed to execute SQL statement on database: BTARNCONFIG on computer: TESTPC\SQL2K5
    [3:41:31 PM Error ConfigHelper] Windows NT user or group ‘TESTPC\SQL2K5\BizTalk Application Users’ not found. Check the name again.
    [3:41:31 PM Error RNConfig] c:\depots\europar2\private\europa_source\btarnconfig\dll\rnconfig.cpp(3856): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Info RNConfig] Leaving function: CRNConfig::GrantLogin

    [3:41:31 PM Error RNConfig] c:\depots\europar2\private\europa_source\btarnconfig\dll\rnconfig.cpp(1913): FAILED hr = 80040e14

    [3:41:31 PM Info RNConfig] Leaving function: CRNConfig::ConfigureFeature
    [3:41:31 PM Warning Configuration Framework]Feature failed to configure: Runtime.

    Any help is highly appreciated. TIA

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