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IronRuby and IronPython are NOT dead

The Twitter-sphere was burning up yesterday with the news that Microsoft is shelving its support for IronRuby and IronPython. You can read Jimmy Schementi’s blog post here. Many in the Twitterverse say that Microsoft is “killing” IronRuby. I disagree. IronRuby … Continue reading 

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Understanding RosettaNet Message Flow in BizTalk Server 2006

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these two diagrams (courtesy & copyright Microsoft) are worth millions! At least they are to anyone desperate to understand how the BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet (BTARN 3.5) really works. Initiator Message … Continue reading 

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PIDX Schemas Solution for BizTalk Server 2006

One of the things you’ll need when working with PIDX / RNIF / BTARN projects in BizTalk Server 2006 is the actual PIDX schemas (.xsd) to be used. Luckily the American Petroleum Institute (API) has a public web site for … Continue reading 

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Business Process Automation – Don’t Just Shift the Costs!

I’m stepping on my soapbox again so be warned! I’ve recently encountered a number of well-intentioned (or perhaps not so well-intentioned) companies looking to reduce their internal costs for processing orders and invoices through some sort of “business process automation” … Continue reading 

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Finding Freelance Work

I received a recent comment from Paul, asking how I found my “weekend gigs” or freelance development work. That’s a pretty good question and the short answer (without sounding too presumptuous) is that God provides! The long answer is “I … Continue reading 

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Hallway Conversations

One of the cool things about ALT.NET events and Open Spaces in general is that you encounter interesting hallway conversations at every turn. Take this video as a good example. We’ve got Udi Dahan, Chad Myers, and ScottGu discussing issues … Continue reading 

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Ben writes (emphasis his): System.Web.MVC will reach an audience that MonoRail doesn’t:  The corporate giant who already swallowed the pill and will do anything that Microsoft pushes, good or bad.  And a lot of consultants work firmly in this space. That’s … Continue reading 

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This ALT.NET Life

I’m sitting on a plane, traveling (late) to Remix Boston and mulling over the ALT.NET Open Spaces conference. It was a great experience that exceeded my expectations by a mile. Here’s my (long-winded and roughly-cut, sorry) perspective on events: Brass … Continue reading 

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On the Heels of MSN Search, Microsoft Delievers one of the Top 25 Websites to Watch

SomaTron reports that PCWorld has listed Microsoft Popfly as one of the twenty-five websites to watch.  According to Soma, Popfly has already enabled his staff to scribble funny glasses and a hat onto a picture of him… in a web … Continue reading 

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Deferring Responsibility

I was in a presentation on SharePoint this evening and heard one of those kinds of crazy marketing spins about product goodness that only a vendor could come up with.  Worse yet, the presenter seemed to thoroughly believe his own … Continue reading 

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