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VPC2007: Erratic Mouse Behavior in RC

I've spent several hours testing the RC build of VPC2007 and I'm still experiencing erratic mouse behavior where the mouse seems to "skip" (disappear and reappear during movement). In the beta, this was caused by my Intel Centrino 915 chipset … Continue reading 


Windows Vista: Sometimes its the Little Things That Count!

Sometimes its the little things in a new operating system and associated "tools" that really count. Take for example, the new version of Outlook Express in Windows Vista called "Windows Mail". I'm in and out of the Microsoft public and … Continue reading 

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Moved to Vista!

I apologize for not posting sooner but it's been a really busy fall and I've been catching up on my projects, upgrading our ERP system, rewriting our entire data warehouse, participating in two TAPs (Microsoft's Technology Access Program) as well … Continue reading 

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