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Monthly Archives: April 2004

My project provides master pages features now!

In my previous post, I inquire about where to host an open-source project.  Well, I was just investigating the features promised by Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0, and I realized that EZWeb provides some of those same features in .Net … Continue reading 

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Best place to start an open-source .Net project?

I am a civilian again.  For the past week I’ve been outprocessing at FT. Hood.  Well, I’m still active duty until my terminal leave is up on May 17th, but I’m back at home, and I’ll be back to work … Continue reading 

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Blogging from Frankfurt (non-technical)

This is a non-technical post. I’m blogging from Frankfurt, Germany.  We’ve made a stop on our plane right from Kuwait back to Texas.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with my wife.  16 hours to go!!!

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VB really IS case-insensitive

Some of you may read the title of this post and think to yoursefl “Duh”!, but this sneaky little feature caught up to me.  I have my library developed in C#, and I have 2 layers of base classes for … Continue reading 

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I normally write my ASP.NET apps with C#.  With my current project, I’m supporting extensions to it, so I decided to test them with extras written in other .Net languages: VB and J#.  I wrote one in J#, and it … Continue reading 

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GUI for MSDE! SQL Web Data Administrator

I use SQL Sever Developers’ Edition, but I have also experimented with MSDE.  As a developer, I think it’s important to be familiar with all the tools (I also use Web Matrix from time to time).  This free download from Microsoft … Continue reading 

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A completely automated web site/application framework

UPDATE:  Has been released at http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/ezweb My current pet project is called EZWeb.  I don’t know if that name is already trademarked, but that’s what I call it.  The purpose of EZWeb was originally to serve as a product that … Continue reading 

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Initial Posts

I’ve been writing my previous posts offline.  Donny has been nice enough to set me up with this Blogspace, so here are my initial posts with more to come.  Been in Iraq with the Army for the past year.  I’m … Continue reading 

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Addicted to blogs?

I have a routine:  I try to wake up in the mornings as early as possible.  I walk 1/2 mile to the Internet Cafe through the Kuwait sand.  I synchronize my Outlook Express and SharpReader with my blog feeds.  I … Continue reading 

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Great XML DataBinding post

Check out this post on xml databinding in IE.  If your Intranet web app will be run with IE 5+, this is a great way to quickly display data.  The xml file can be generated dynamically, so it works well.

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