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Monthly Archives: May 2004

EZWeb Beta 0.51 Released on GotDotNet!!!

Go to the EZWeb workspace and download the latest release of my EZWeb application framework.  As I post, 63 people downloaded the first release.  I am pleased that there is interest in this project.  I fixed a bug involving the use … Continue reading 

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EZWeb Root application bug

In response to comment http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/jpalermo/archive/2004/05/13/13531.aspx#13805: I have logged one bug regarding the EZWeb Beta 0.5 on the GotDotNet workspace, and it’s relating to the templates that I have included not rendering correcting when running as a root web.  When in … Continue reading 

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Using inheritance with ASP.NET pages

I go back to work full time next Tuesday.  My terminal leave is almost up, I’m a civilian, and my new office furniture will be arriving today.   Yesterday I was visiting with two colleagues of mine, and I was … Continue reading 

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GotDotNet Workspace Woes

Yesterday I was very excited to post my first release of my EZWeb project on GotDotNet. http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/ezweb I had applied for a sourceforge.net workspace, but after waiting a week for “approval”, I just wanted it working, so I set it … Continue reading 

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My first public EZWeb release. Version 0.5 Beta

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned EZWeb, my current pet project.  It can be quite useful even if it’s just to make a template for your web apps.  I was surprised that so many people use a header and footer user … Continue reading 

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