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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Why are error return codes evil? – level 100

Miller ran across some code today that used error codes for return values.  We exchanged some bad examples of misusing error codes (or just using them, period). In languages without structured exception handling, we often used some sort of indicator … Continue reading 

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Is your connection string really secure? – level 200

Jeremy highlights some foobar code that exposed a connection string to a database via a public static property on a class.  In the comments, there was some discussion about what to do with the connection string.  I’d like to address … Continue reading 

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Robert Scoble et al. on blogging – level 100

I just finished listening to an MSDN webcast on “Blogging from the Developer’s Perspective“.  I used my technique for converting the webcast and listening on my MP3 player while I drove home and shopped for groceries.  In this webcast, Jeff … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate thoughts for web projects part 1 – level 100

I’ve now installed Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate on a virtual pc with Windows 2003 Server SP1.  My primary focus at this point is the web projects.  I love ASP.NET, and I think it is a brilliant runtime.  I have … Continue reading 

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National Weather Service provides RSS feeds for hurricanes – level 100

The National Weather Service provides RSS feeds for all the significant weather activity.  Since I have family in Houston, I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed for Hurricane Rita.  It’s amazing how RSS feeds have penetrated into so many different parts … Continue reading 

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How to use FitNesse querystring "switches" – level 300

You might have notice in the FitNesse urls, a “?test” at the end when you run a test page.  Also, when you edit a page, you are using “?edit”.  There are many of these querystring switches you can use to … Continue reading 

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How to mock a static member for test-driven development – level 400

If you are interested in mocking a static member or class in order to facilitate testing a component in isolation, you are traveling down the wrong path.  First, to be blunt, you cannot mock a static.  Static members belong to … Continue reading 

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EZWeb 1.2 release 3 now available!! Go download!!!!

EZWeb 1.2 release 3 is now available for download on GotDotNet.  I’ve enhanced slightly the included templates, and I enabled support for multiple independent websites inside the same hosted instance of EZWeb.  That means that a single hosting account can … Continue reading 

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How to version FitNesse acceptance tests (yes, the wiki pages) – level 300

Follow this post to easily version your FitNesse wiki acceptance tests (or any other tree of files). The product manager and his crew will use the FitNesse wiki to author and maintain acceptance tests for the system.  These tests are … Continue reading 

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How to download MSDN webcasts and listen on your MP3 player – level 100

For a while, MSDN Live Meeting webcasts had to be captured manually by something like NetTransport 2.  Now, Microsoft is offering a .wmv file download for offline viewing.  Personally, I get more out of the audio, and I can listen … Continue reading 

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