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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Visual Studio 2005 Refactoring is sub-par – level 200

This is a time that envy VB developers who have access to DevExpress’ Refactor tool which is far better than the meager refactoring support available for C# devs in Visual Studio 2005.  There was a bunch of hype around this … Continue reading 

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Mike Roberts integrates FitNesse with CruiseControl.Net and Subversion – level 300

A while back, I posted about how my team integrated and versioned our FitNesse wiki with CruiseControl.Net and Subversion.  Mike Roberts found it helpful for creating a similar solution for his team.  He’s shared his experience on his blog.  Hopefully … Continue reading 

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Steve Donie explains enterprise-level configuration management – level 400

Steve Donie, Configuration Manager extraordinaire, posts on “Taking Continuous Integration to the next level”.  In his article, he explains enterprise-level techniques for versioning, source control, continuous integration and managing dependencies.  It’s a great read.

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Share login and other state between ASP.NET and classic ASP – level 300

Sharing a login (some call it single sign-on) between ASP.NET and classic ASP takes quite a bit of thought.  Even if you have a single web application with 1 .asp and 1 .aspx, the two are running in completely separate … Continue reading 

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FoxIE expands browsing options for Internet Explorer users – level 100

I haven’t used the stock Internet Explorer in several years, and many people agree that it lacks some essential features found in other browsers like Maxthon and FireFox.  For instance, both of these browsers have tabbed browsing and other convenience … Continue reading 

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