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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Ron Jacobs discusses NHibernate on the MS Patterns and Practices Arcast – level 200

The lates Arcast from Ron Jacobs is about NHibernate, and open-source Object-Relational mapping tool.  This podcast was particularly interesting to me because my team is using NHibernate for a project, and we are likely to use it for most data … Continue reading 

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How to explicitly fail a FIT test while using the new DoFixture – level 300

The FitLibrary has been recently ported to .Net, and I love using the DoFixture.  One problem is that the normal DoRow and DoCell methods of the Fixture class don’t run in the DoFixture.  With other fixtures, I’m used to hooking … Continue reading 

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I’m booked for Tech Ed. Fly in Saturday morning for "Party with Palermo" 2006 – level 100

It’s done.  I’m booked for Tech Ed 2006.  I attended Tech Ed 2005 where I threw a pre-conference party dubbed “Party with Palermo”, and I’m doing it again this year.  Last year we held it at the Peabody restaurant the … Continue reading 

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Benefits of FIT tests for systems without a UI – level 200

Sam Gentile reminds us of the value of FIT when requirements might be vague _and_ complicated.  His team is using it to help the customer understand what they want.  His post reminded me of the value I’m already starting to … Continue reading 

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Blake Caraway is finally blogging! – level 200

My good friend Blake Caraway has finally started his blog.  Look forward to some great technical content from this guy!

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MCPD upgrade exams ready. Time to upgrade that "old" MCSD for .Net – level 200

Matt is already on his way to MCPD, wich is Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.  For those who have the MCSD.Net certification, the upgrade requires two exams.  I hadn’t been keeping up with when the upgrade exams would be available, but … Continue reading 

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RAD kills. . . software – level 200

I figured the title would get someone’s attention.  I’d like to share this piece of art that I created.  By now, everyone has been educated about the dangers of cigarettes and tobacco.  Cigarettes can be addictive and even deadly.  While … Continue reading 

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Palermo’s rules for Pairing (pair programming, that is) – level 200

Palermo’s rules for Pairing:Pair programming is a great way for real-time code review and collaboration.  Chances are that the end goal will be reached more quickly by working with a partner when writing software.  This might sound counter-intuitive at first … Continue reading 

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A Microsoft provider _is_ a singleton – always – level 200

I’ve done quite a bit with Whidbey and .Net 2.0 since Beta 1 hit in mid-2004.  I was one of the early adopters that submitted bug reports as well, and I’ve tech editted several .Net 2.0 books, and I’m mostly … Continue reading 

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Austin .Net User Group hosting an MSDN Code Camp March 4th – level 000

What: Austin MSDN Code Camp – register at www.adnug.org When: March 4, 2006 – 8:30 AM – 5PM Where: St. Edwards professional learning center, Austin, TX NOTE:  3 Code Camp speakers are from CodeBetter.com An MSDN Code Camp is a … Continue reading 

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