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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Party with Palermo (pre-Tech Ed party) final announcement – level 000

I posted earlier about the details of Party with Palermo 2006.  You can read the original post here.  Since the announcement, I’ve received tons of emails from folks who are planning to party with Palermo.  If you are coming to … Continue reading 

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When the only thing that will work is gacutil – level 200

I try to avoid the GAC at all costs.  I prefer xcopy deployments of applications.  However, if you use some projects that all reference log4net, then you know the pain of trying to resolve log4net versions.  More often than not, … Continue reading 

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Resharper 2.0 now released – level 000

Resharper 2.0 is finally released.  I’ve been using the beta of 2.0 for a while, and I used v1.5 on VS 2003, and it enhances productivity a lot.  One of the simplest things that I couldn’t live without is rename.  … Continue reading 

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Microsoft republishes Guidelines for Test-Driven Development – level 200

If you remember the article in October that was on MSDN on Test-Driven Development, you remember the hub-bub that it caused because of the inaccuracies, and how it soon was pulled from the web. Microsoft has published new Guidelines for … Continue reading 

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StructureMap v1.1 (for .Net 2.0) released on sourceforge – level 000

Not long ago, Jeremy Miller released version 1.0 his excellent dependency injection tool, StructureMap.  I’ve ported it to .Net 2.0, and I’ve added generics to the bread and butter class, ObjectFactory.  Download the .Net 2.0 release on sourceforge.net.  StructureMap supports creating … Continue reading 

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Party with Palermo: Tech Ed 2006 – location announced! – level 000

Since this announcement is going out over my blog as it did last year, the folks at Party with Palermo will be folks who are plugged into the Microsoft developer community:  conference speakers, Microsofties, MVPs, user group leaders, INETA leaders … Continue reading 

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Tech Ed 2006: I’ll be facilitating BoF "Agile Development with .Net" – level 000

If you are going to Tech Ed 2006: Come to Party with Palermo Stop by my Bird’s of a Feather session on “Agile Development with .Net” The session will be on Tuesday at 7:45PM This BoF will not seek to … Continue reading 

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VS 2005 Web Application Projects installed! *breaths a breath of fresh air* – level 100

Upon hearing the announcement that Web Application Projects has been released, I wanted to get EZWeb converted over as soon as possible (I’m close to making another release).  I’d been limping along with the default web site option in Whidbey, … Continue reading 

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Integration testing demonstrated – level 200

In this post, I’ll talk about and demonstrate integration testing.  If you are just starting out with integration testing, you want to test small before you test big.  Full-system tests are good, but if they fail, they don’t give much … Continue reading 

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VS 2003 web projects model now available in VS 2005 – level 200

One of the biggest criticizms of VS 2005 was the radical change in the way web applications had to be set up.  From the folks doing more simple websites, this change was welcome, but the folks doing complex web applications, … Continue reading 

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