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Monthly Archives: November 2006

New law posted in my bullpen – level 000

I have printed out and posted the graphic from Plip's blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/plip/archive/2006/11/16/who-broke-the-build.aspx   

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Making images in .resx files available to other projects (they default to internal) – level 200

I find it very frustrating that there is no obvious way to have the .resx generator mark members as public instead of internal.  In my team's solution, we have a need for these to be public.  Here's how I solved … Continue reading 

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Iteration discipline: another Agile mind-shift – level 200

In an effective organization, discipline is key.  You can't run a loose ship and expect to be effective.  One of the disciplines that his hard to master is speculation. Speculation When working on a story, the developer team might have … Continue reading 

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XmlSerializer will use the Equals() method to find circular references

This post saved me quite a bit of time: http://sqljunkies.com/WebLog/kmarple/archive/2005/01/11/6180.aspx  We were having a problem with serializing a domain object.  It was reporting a circular reference problem.  We found out that because we had overriden the Equals method to compare … Continue reading 

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Firefox 2 installed – love the spellchecking! – level 100

There's a lot of talk about IE7 vs. FF2.  It's all pretty boring for me.  Browsers are boring.  They are glorified terminals.  Dave Thomas (of Pragmatic Programmers fame) puts it in an interesting way: (paraphrasing) -We have the same client-server … Continue reading 

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Sorting in .Net (don’t sort manually, let .Net do it for you) – level 100

I've labeled this as a level 100 topic because I feel that every .Net developer should know the basics of sorting.  With the base class library that we have to work with, we don't have to worry about sorting algorithms … Continue reading 

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We’ll see Microsoft’s OR Mapper soon – level 100

Many long-time Microsoft developer hold fast to the "all data access must be stored procedures" thought, and that was, at one time, the guidance from Microsoft.  Soon we'll see the Object-relational mapper from Microsoft in the form of Linq for … Continue reading 

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IronPython for ASP.NET CTP downloaded – level 100

I searched MSDN this morning for “ironpython”, and found a CTP had been posted yesterday.  It installs into Visual Studio and makes it possible to write ASP.NET websites using all the dynamic language Python.  This is very interesting as it’s … Continue reading 

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Blake Caraway blogs again! – level 200

Blake put up a post yesterday entitled “Does your code work?”.  Interesting question.  I recommend taking a minute to read it.

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