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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Driving a "no bugs" team culture – level 200

I've been reviewing Jim Shore and chromatic's upcoming Agile book, and I especially like the "No Bugs" section here: http://jimshore.textdriven.com/Agile-Book/no_bugs.html Large, dusty bug databases abound.  Some teams have a process where this is unavoidable.  Some teams use a bug database … Continue reading 

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Product Review: VisualSVN, Subversion plugin for Visual Studio – level 200

As stated on its website, VisualSVN is a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio for seamless integration with Subversion. This is an early review since I’ve been using it for less than a week.  Many think to Scott Bellware for making … Continue reading 

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Searching in .Net (don’t search manually, let .Net do it for you) – level 100

With .Net 2.0, we have some basic search functionality baked in to the .Net Framework.  With Linq coming out in .Net 3.5, we will have full querying support on IEnumerable types, but we have quite a bit of power with … Continue reading 

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