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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Speaking at the Austin Code Camp, May 5th, 2007 – level 200

This is the second Austin Code Camp, organized by the Austin .net user group : www.adnug.org.  Get more information on the code camp here: http://www.adnug.org/codecamp2007.aspx I will be giving a talk on 1 topic, but it will be separated into … Continue reading 

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22 hours of podcasts – 3 nuggets to share – level 200

This weekend I was a groomsman at Kevin Dulaney’s (great friend from grade school) wedding in Missouri.  I drove from Austin, TX on Friday and returned Sunday.  11-hour drive each way.  I stocked up my Windows Mobile phone with podcasts and … Continue reading 

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Plan on catching my Birds of a Feather sessions at Tech Ed – level 200

My two BoF’s have been accepted for Tech Ed.  Plan on attending if you are interested. “Agile development with .Net” “Techniques for writing less code (frameworks, libraries, and tools)” The selections were determined from votes from Tech Ed attendees.  It’s … Continue reading 

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Results of a SOLID pair-programming day – level 200

There it is.  A pile of ripped up note cards denoting all the engineering tasks completed by my pair.  This was an unusual day because it started at 7:30am with some white board modeling and brain-crunching a very, very tough … Continue reading 

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Streamline Model-View-Presenter with new StructureMap feature – level 300

I'm going to present you with a very exciting new feature of StructureMap that is available in the 2.0 release.  You can download StructureMap from SourceForge. There are plenty of articles about StructureMap's service location capabilities, and the documentation is … Continue reading 

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Houston, April 17, 2007: Come to my automated testing presentation – level 300

If you will be in Houston on Tuesday, come participate in my presentation. http://www.hal-pc.org/CsharpSIG/ HAL-PC C# SIG April 2007 Meeting Date April 17, 2007 Time 7:00 PM Location HAL-PC Headquarters ,  4543 Post Oak Place , Suite 200, Houston, Texas Topic The Benefits … Continue reading 

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Debugging tip: But that can’t happen!! Ah, but it did. Ensure you are looking at the right object – level 300

Debugging can be easy or hard.  It’s easy if you have an easily reproducible error.  This morning I wrestled a bug where a screen just stopped showing data.  Nothing.  Zilch. When I debugged through, I watched every piece of data … Continue reading 

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Resharper Nant support: more discovery – level 200

I knew that Resharper had Nant and MSBuild support, but I don’t use it that much because once my build scripts are working, I modify them much more seldom than code.  Today, however, I made some modifications, and I happened … Continue reading 

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Feedback requested: Proposed Code Camp talk: Fundamentals of modern programming – level 200

On May 5th (Cinco de Mayo, for those of you like me who live in a State that was once a part of Mexico), ADNUG is holding its second Code Camp.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled Fundamentals of modern programming.  … Continue reading 

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