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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Levels of automated testing within a single application

We need a common language for the different types of automated testing.  We’re partially there, but the term “unit test” is still very confusing.  Here, I’ll lay out the different types of automated tests I find helpful with a single … Continue reading 

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Speaking at AlamoCoders user group in July

If you are in the area, come on over to the AlamoCoders group in San Antonio, TX.  AlamoCoders is a relatively new .Net User Group in San Antonio.  Several founding members attended the Austin Code Camp in May. I’ll be … Continue reading 

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Modify and restore Firefox extensions that fail to load

Recently, my Firefox browser started loading without the extensions I’ve installed.  I run my Firefox browser off of my 4GB Cruzer using the PortableApps suite. When Firefox loaded, it would load without a single extension, but when I opened the … Continue reading 

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I’m the newest Solutions Architect MVP

In 2006, I was awarded as a C# MVP and was renewed for 2007.  Now, I’m a Solutions Architect MVP.  I look forward to providing more feedback to Microsoft’s Architecture Strategy team in the future. I’d like to thank Simon Guest … Continue reading 

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TIP: Choose proper keyboard layout for R# 3.0

When installing Resharper 3.0, be sure to select the middle option.  This will set keyboard shortcuts that match up with previous versions of Resharper as well as IntelliJ IDEA.

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Xml is the code of the future – so long C# – say it isn’t so.

Ok, so the title is a bit sarcastic.  I remember the debut of Xml.  We used it for data.  It was a way to improve on comma-delimited strings.  We converted from flat files to xml files for data. It wasn’t … Continue reading 

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Jealous of VB.Net’s background compilation? Get it for C#

Actually, I’ve had it for several years.  Install the Resharper add-in from JetBrains, and you get background compilation along with more intelligent error checking and so, so much more. Version 3.0 has just been released.

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Resharper (R#) 3.0 has been released!

Version 3.0 of my favorite IDE add-in has been released.  If you purchased v2.5 recently, you get a free upgrade** If you are unfamiliar with the tool, check out my previous posts on it: http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeffrey.palermo/archive/2007/03/21/MVPs-can-contact-JetBrains-for-Resharper-for-free-_2D00_-level-100.aspx http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeffrey.palermo/archive/2006/08/02/BreadAndButterResharper.aspx http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeffrey.palermo/archive/2006/05/22/Resharper2-0Released.aspx http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeffrey.palermo/archive/2005/12/29/136030.aspx http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeffrey.palermo/archive/2005/04/19/69143.aspx   … Continue reading 

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Another free unit testing add-in for Visual Studio 2005

There are plenty of ways to run your NUnit tests while developing and during the build.  JetBrains has released a unit test running add-in for Visual Studio, and they are giving it away for free.  It’s called UnitRun.  The screenshot … Continue reading 

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Resharper 2.5/3.0 hack to speed up CTRL+N type discovery

When R# 2.5 came out, I noticed that I had to stop typing briefly after pressing CTRL+N before the filtered list of types was displayed.  I was a bit annoyed because version 2.0 showed the list instantly.  From a few … Continue reading 

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