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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Utility methods, utility classes, common classes – a blob is not an abstraction

This morning, I was reading the blog of J. Michael Palermo IV, and in his recent blog post, “utility methods – are they the devil”, he asks whether utility methods are evil, and he concludes with “no”.  I don’t know … Continue reading 

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Austin .Net User Group hosts JP Boodhoo for August 13th, 2007 meeting

This is to announce the August meeting of the Austin .Net User Group on August 13th, 2007.  JP Boodhoo is giving one of his Nothin’ But .Net courses in College Station (where I went to college), and I snagged him … Continue reading 

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Focus on the core: the most important part of the application

Technologies are coming and going faster than every before.  In this environment, how can we provide companies with a good return for their software investment.  Looking back, J2EE was all the rage.  Software executives were banking on J2EE and making … Continue reading 

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Baking requirements – Developing with raw ingredients is waste

I have learned an important lesson from my combined experiences at all the places I’ve worked.  That is:  raw requirements cause waste.  A term I’ve used (and have heard others use) is that requirements are either “baked” or “not baked”.  … Continue reading 

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Arcast – The Agile Architect podcast now online

 http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=322781 The above is a link to an Arcast episode where I had a conversation with Ron Jacobs about what an Agile Architect is.  Give it a listen and tell me what you thought.  My basic point (beyond introducing Agile … Continue reading 

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6 months. . . to become a better developer

Ok.  I’ll jump on this bandwagon since it is forcing me to reflect on how I can make myself a better developer.  Justice Gray started this whole thing, and I was ‘tagged’ by Bil Simser.  It’s a pretty hard question … Continue reading 

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Resharper jedi video

Found this video via David Laribee . Watch video here. Video recorded by Ilya Ryzhenkov of JetBrains.  Good music too.

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