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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Does the Single Responsibility Principle still apply in SOA? . . . YES!

In reading this blog post: http://davidpallmann.spaces.live.com/blog/cns%21E95EF9DC3FDB978E%21257.entry David asserts that a service contract should have a theme, and all the operations should fit in with the theme.  I couldn’t agree more, and it sounds remarkably like long-standing guidance found in the … Continue reading 

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New feed feature: subscribe via email

This feature is new for me, at least.  I’m not sure how long Feedburner has had it.  If you really don’t like RSS readers, you can subscribe to a Feedburner feed via email, and you’ll receive an email that includes posts … Continue reading 

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Subversion presentation available on GoogleCode

I’ve shared a presentation on source code with Subversion on my GoogleCode.  It covers how to use SVN for a project as well as recommendations for setting up the repository, tagging, and branching. You can find it here: svn co … Continue reading 

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Demo on automating your build with NAnt and CCNet

I’ve prepared a presentation and demo of automating a build with NAnt and CCNet.  It uses Subversion for the trunk, and all you have to do is checkout the trunk and run the build.  You can check it out anonymously … Continue reading 

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What are the Alt.Net principles? – my answer

I’ll be attending the AltNetConf.  Convenient for me that it’s in Austin, TX.  It’s an open space conference, and I consider it the founding conference of a conversation that is “Alt.Net”.  I’ll be proposing the topic: What are the Alt.Net … Continue reading 

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VS 2003 development without going crazy

I’m doing a little work with a team on a Visual Studio.Net 2003 codebase that includes the goal of upgrading the codebase to .Net 2.0 (at which time it can be developed with VS2008 using “multi-targeting”. Here are some points … Continue reading 

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New RSS feed URL – modify your subscription

My RSS feed URL has changed.  I’m not using FeedBurner to redirect, track stats, etc. Please change your feed URL to: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jeffreypalermo

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My recommended Subversion repository structure

I would recommend one line of versioning per repository for most cases.  Here is a sample trunk set up with a VS.Net solution. root– trunk  – bin    – nant    – log4net  – src    – project 1    – project 2    – … Continue reading 

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TechEd 2007 DVD shipment includes podcasts

As all Tech Ed 2007 attendees know, 3 months after the conference, the sessions appear in the mail on several DVDs.  Last year, I jumped through a few hoops to convert the fragmented sessions files into a single *.wma file … Continue reading 

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Sharepoint is not a good development platform

What makes a good general-purpose development platform? Easy to install Easy to configure Integrates well with simple tools Easily extended to make simple tools Easy to debug Easy to create test automation All configuration stores easily in source control Others I’m … Continue reading 

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