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Monthly Archives: October 2007

ScottGu’s first overview of ASP.NET MVC


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Going to DevTeach? Party with Palermo location announced!

It’s official! Party with Palermo is the official opening party of DevTeach Vancouver. We’ve worked with the conference organizers to bring you a blockbuster party at Steamworks. Book your calendars for Monday, November 26, 2007. The party kicks of after … Continue reading 

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Linq to Xml – querying an RSS feed

Linq (and all its flavors) will come out with .Net 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008. Along with the Xml support are classes such as XDocument, XElement, XAttribute, etc. What’s interesting about XElement in particular is that it allows us to … Continue reading 

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When will YOU plan an AltNetConf?

First, go read Bil Simser’s post about planning an AltNetConf in your area, and then go read Martin Fowler’s post about his take on Alt.Net. Ok.  if  you came back, read on: Everyone can be a community leader.  You don’t … Continue reading 

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Summary of Domain Specific Languages (DSL) meeting at ALT.NET conference – from David Diehl

David Diehl doesn’t have a blog, but he asked me to post his notes from the Domain-specific language session at AltNetConf.  Read below   What is a DSL?“A thin veneer over top of an API” (Martin Fowler) Two types of … Continue reading 

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altnetconf links and buzz

http://del.icio.us/search/?fr=del_icio_us&p=altnetconf&type=all  The above is a link to the altnetconf tag in del.icio.us.  I’ve been tagging every blog post I find related, and so have others.  Here’s a quick list: altnetconf – Alt.Net kicks off with clarification of “What is Alt.Net” … Continue reading 

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altnetconf – AltNetConf is over, here’s the follow-on information

Wow!  AltNetConf was great.  There were so many positive people from all over the country and some international folks.  Of course, having Scott Guthrie and Martin Fowler there didn’t hurt either. The discussion continues.  Join the altnetconf Yahoo group here:  … Continue reading 

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altnetconf – Scott Guthrie announces ASP.NET MVC framework at Alt.Net Conf

asp.net mvc framework  Note:  Much more MVC information coming.  Subscribe to my feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/jeffreypalermo Subscribe to email feed. Scott Guthrie proposed a topic at the Alt.Net Conference today, and the topic was an overview of the MVC Framework his team … Continue reading 

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altnetconf – Alt.Net kicks off with clarification of "What is Alt.Net"

Alt.Net kicked off this evening with the setting of the agenda.  We have so many topics, there are going to be a LOT of great discussions.  I feel privileged to be a part of a conference that is potentially shaping … Continue reading 

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Generic constraint for Rhino Mocks – make unit tests more readable

I use Rhino Mocks, and I encourage you to do the same.  When unit testing, sometimes its necessary to interrogate an object that was passed to a dependency. Consider the following test code: .csharpcode, .csharpcode pre { font-size: small; color: … Continue reading 

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