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Once and for all, software is not like construction or engineering.

Here’s a great post from Coding Horror on Bridges, Software Engineering, and God. I was a mechanical engineer before I wandered into software, and the comparisons between software development and engineering & construction always bug me. A software project has … Continue reading 

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Architect: Person, Role, or Useless Appendage?

There is a good thread going (or was when I started this) on at TheServerSide.NET about “What Skills Should a .NET Architect Possess?” The correct question might be whether or not an architect is different from a senior developer. More … Continue reading 

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Does TDD Make Development Take Longer? (No)

Overall, I’d say the answer to this question is no. Several people in the Austin .NET Agile Group are going through the typical growing pains of introducing TDD to a development organization. The very obvious objection to having to write … Continue reading 

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