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Start with a *correctly* failing test

One of the tenets of test driven development I used to (ok, I still do sometimes) blow off is that you always start with a failing test.  You know the drill — “red bar, green bar, refactor.”  Write the test for the new little … Continue reading 

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A Stupid Way to do Error Management

This is obviously a rant, so buckle up. I’m at the tail end of a little project adding some customizations to a legacy system.  There isn’t anything resembling a service (or business/domain) layer other than T-SQL SPROC’s, and the vast majority … Continue reading 

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A Taxonomy of Tests

This was originally a series of posts at my old blog a few days after I recovered from the midnight showing of “Revenge of the Sith.” I made the mistake of posting on writing good unit tests while suffering from “Jedi Flu” … Continue reading 

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Using Continuous Integration? Better do the "Check In Dance"

So you’re making the move to install a Continuous Integration process on your project.  Most of your early attention is going to be spent on getting the CI server up and the build scripts put together and functioning.  That part of … Continue reading 

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Quick way to spot a Blob class

I’m in an all day set of meetings today to talk about how we’re going to make our legacy web framework testable in the next version of the application.  It’s going to be a cool project to do.  One of the … Continue reading 

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TDD Design Starter Kit

Here’s a handful of articles on designing with or for TDD I had originally posted on my old blog.  I’ve been haphazardly trying to write about all the things I wished I’d known when I was starting to use TDD.  To be honest, … Continue reading 

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What an Amazing (Code) Smell You’ve Discovered

I’m naming a new code smell today, “Obsessive Tracing.” You know exactly what I mean. If you see a long method or class with a *lot* of Debug.WriteLine(“1″) or Debug.WriteLine(“I’m in here now!”) methods sprinkled throughout the code, it’s a … Continue reading 

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Qualities of a Good Unit Test

Many developers, including me sorry to say, treat unit test code as a second class citizen. After all, NUnit test fixture classes aren’t going into production, so why should you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into them? … Continue reading 

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A Simple Example of the "Humble Dialog Box"

At the Agile Austin lunch today, we talked a bit about different ways to apply the Model View Presenter pattern with WinForms clients. I promised to put up an example of using Michael Feather’s “Humble Dialog Box” to create more … Continue reading 

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TDD Design Starter Kit – Static Methods and Singletons May Be Harmful

Static methods can be a cool solution to many issues and they’re definitely convenient. I routinely use static methods in place of specialized constructor functions. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to maintain state between method calls or across threads and … Continue reading 

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