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Monthly Archives: July 2005

TDD Design Starter Kit – State vs. Interaction Testing

When you write a unit test, what is it that your asserting? Most of the time you’re doing state-based testing, i.e. your unit tests either validates a return value from a method call or a change in a property of … Continue reading 

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TDD Design Starter Kit – Dependency Inversion Principle

In the last episode of the TDD Design Starter Kit, I talked about the need to build cohesive classes, and make the relationships between classes loosely coupled. The specific benefit for TDD is to truly isolate the functionality of a … Continue reading 

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TDD Design Starter Kit – Responsibilities, Cohesion, and Coupling

Recently, I started a new position with a company transitioning to TDD. One of the things I’m trying to accomplish in my new job is to help my colleagues become effective in TDD without most of the growing pains I … Continue reading 

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Succeed with TDD by designing with TDD

After 2 years of using Test Driven Development on .NET projects I’m a believer. Effective TDD leads to cleaner code, fewer bugs, and superior architectural qualities. Systems written with TDD are easier and safer to modify and deploy, leading to … Continue reading 

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What’s This Blog All About?

Thanks to the fellows at CodeBetter for letting me set up shop here.  This has been consistently one of my favorite web destinations for quite a while and I’m excited to be joining the crew.  I’m just starting the process … Continue reading 

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Resources from the Continuous Integration talk last night

If you were at the Continuous Integration talk last night at the Austin SPIN, here is the set of resources I mentioned. The slides from the presentation are here or at http://www.jwspro.net/aspin/. Thanks for coming out last night in the … Continue reading 

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Bunch of Good Links

First, maybe the best blog post I’ve every read from Mike Spille. I’ve been guilty of the “guardrail to guardrail” effect a time or two. On a project last year we probably did some dumb stuff because of someone else’s … Continue reading 

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Impressions from the VSTS talk last night

I went to a talk on Visual Studio Team System last night given by Chris Menegay at the Austin DotNet Group. I tried to go into this with an open mind, but my bias is clearly with open source tools … Continue reading 

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Don’t play with strange databases…

…you don’t know where they’ve been, or who’s been touching them. I’ve been burned pretty badly in the past by making assumptions about existing databases. Database documentation isn’t always helpful either, because it is out of date or just wrong … Continue reading 

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Harris Boyce warns us that O/R isn’t a silver bullet

Harris Boyce wrote a response to my ADO.NET contagion post: “Soul Vaccination” for Data Access Layers. I think that Harris is quite right in warning us about overusing Object/Relational mapping. While there are still plenty of scenarios where I would … Continue reading 

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