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No More Meeting Hell

Palermo was joking with me today with a sarcastic “Let’s have a meeting today.  I’ll find an open conference room and try to find an empty spot on all of our calenders.  How about over lunch on Friday?”  I’m having terrible flashbacks … Continue reading 

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Agile Project Management is everybody’s job

My team today had a very fruitful, but long, “Planning Game” meeting today to do sizing on our next project release.  I admit it, I don’t particularly enjoy the rigamarole around the planning game and the whole iteration planning/close/track your … Continue reading 

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Exposing a Connection String as a Public Property is a Huge Design Smell

Pure diatribe ahead: Take a look at this code and ignore any concerns over security just at the moment: public class MyConfiguration { public static string ConnectionString { get { // lookup the connection string wherever it is string connectionString … Continue reading 

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Uncle Bob Martin on the Visitor Pattern

Some design patterns just appear weird the first time you come across them.  The “Visitor” pattern is like that for me because of all the double dispatch stuff.  I understand it and I use it on rare occasions, but I … Continue reading 

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Classic Technical Lead Blunder

A couple days ago I saw a post (EDIT:  the post was removed) relating a depressing situation that sounded sadly familiar to me and I have to respond.  The author relates a story of getting to the end of a time-constrained project … Continue reading 

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Database per Developer and Environment

Our Continuous Integration talk Monday got a bit rushed at the end and I missed an important point when we talked about CI with databases.  For the love of all that is good and holy in the world create a … Continue reading 

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What’s so great about Inversion of Control?

Inversion of Control (IoC) is an essential tool for any software designer’s design toolbox because it’s often a great way to break dependencies between classes and promote loose coupling.  IoC is vital for doing Test Driven Development without pulling out … Continue reading 

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Slides from the Continuous Integration Talk Last Night (With Fixed Link)

As promised, here is a zip file of the slides from last night’s Continuous Integration talk.  I also included the CC.Net configuration and the sample NAnt build file from the demonstration last night.  The easiest way to get started with … Continue reading 

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Inversion of Control with the Plugin Pattern

(IoC) is an old principle in object oriented programming, but it’s gotten a lot of buzz the last couple of years because of the proliferation of Dependency Injection (DI) tools and articles.  Dependency Injection is a significant flavor of the … Continue reading 

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Journey into the Heart of Darkness

My poor colleague (martyr) is trying to debug a production issue with some system generated emails today.  If I can get the facts straight, the chain of calls goes: ASP “Classic” page calling into a… Stored Procedure that calls… Another Stored … Continue reading 

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