Uncle Bob Martin on the Visitor Pattern

Some design patterns just appear weird the first time you come across them.  The “Visitor” pattern is like that for me because of all the double dispatch stuff.  I understand it and I use it on rare occasions, but I rarely reach for it because I’m not perfectly comfortable with it.  Uncle Bob of ObjectMentor has a great post on the Visitor pattern called “I Use Visitor” that’s a good explanation of the pattern.  Familiarity with a pattern like Visitor mitigates the weirdness.

It’s timely for me because I have a little side project going that will likely involve a “Composite” pattern that will include multiple operations across the aggregate object graph.  I’ll definitely consider a Visitor when I get there.

I used to grade code submissions from job applicants at a former employer.  One of the very few good submissions I ever looked at came from a C# coder who used a Visitor pattern on a sales tax calculation problem (think lot’s of exception cases).  At first blush I thought it was over-designed, but after a closer look I thought the usage of the Visitor pattern was a fairly elegant way to solve the problem.

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