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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Roadmap for the next StructureMap Release

StructureMap is a Dependency Injection tool for .Net that I released on Sourceforge last year.  Somebody asked me last week if StructureMap is still alive.  The answer is yes, and I’m starting to pull together a new release.  I’ve been using … Continue reading 

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I’m getting sick of using "hand me down" tools that are ported from Java to .Net

I’m just ranting.  Don’t take it too seriously, and feel free to tell me that I’m wrong. We’re working with FitNesse as a means of automating our acceptance testing.  I’m pretty happy with the way its going so far, but … Continue reading 

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New TDD Design Starter Kit Article is Online

I’ve posted a new article today entitled TDD Design Starter Kit: It’s All about Assigning Responsibilities.  One of the most difficult things in TDD is just writing the first unit test, especially when the user story is complex.  It’s also difficult … Continue reading 

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TDD Design Starter Kit: It’s All about Assigning Responsibilities

In a previous post, TDD Design Starter Kit – State vs. Interaction Testing, I used a hugely contrived sample user story to illustrate the difference between state and interaction testing.  I’d like to revisit that story and talk about how … Continue reading 

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Why I’m looking forward to this Fall (Off Topic)

This is shaping up to be a good Fall, and there’s lots to look forward to here in Geekdom. Serenity.  We finally get the movie version of Firefly.  If you never saw this on TV, do yourself a favor and … Continue reading 

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Dynamic Behavior with the Decorator Pattern

The Decorator pattern is a means to transparently add responsibilities to another object on the fly.  In some cases it’s a simpler solution than creating additional subclasses through inheritance.  A decorator is implemented by creating a class that wraps access to … Continue reading 

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Having COM flashbacks — The horror, the horror!

I’m working with one of my peers from Houston today to install a regression testing tool on our local server.  We’re troubleshooting an installation that involves an old, old VB6 COM component that is being called via interop by .Net … Continue reading 

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Learning about Design Patterns

A couple of weeks ago in a bit of frustration I asked the question “Why aren’t design patterns common knowledge?” and received a lot of good comments.  One of the comments that stuck with me was a complaint about a … Continue reading 

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