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The Worst Songs Ever (way off topic)

Not even remotely software related.  In the past day or two I swear I’ve heard all of the worst songs ever recorded.  “Super Bowl Shuffle” – Chicago Bears 1985 team.  The only stain on the best single season football team in … Continue reading 

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Overthrowing the Tyranny of the Shared Database

My team is making some structural improvements to plug some holes in our B2B messaging services.   The problem we’re starting to run into is a single database structure that is shared by at least a half-dozen applications, administrative applets, and … Continue reading 

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My Last Rant about Stored Procedure Abuse

At the request of one of my colleagues — “There should be more classes than stored procedures”         — Gary Williams EDIT 10/28/2005 – Just to make this more specific, let’s say there should really be more LOC in C#/Java/VB.Net … Continue reading 

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Deconstructing “The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work”

I was reading Steve Eichert’s post on “The Simplest Thing != The Easiest Thing” and it struck a nerve with me.  The old KISS philosophy is formalized in Extreme Programming and its ilk as “The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly … Continue reading 

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Haacked on TDD and Jeremy’s First Rule of TDD

Unit Testing Loves Beta Testing And Vice Versa Phil Haack has a great post up in response to some folks unhappy with their unit testing experience.  I think he makes several good points, including: Unit testing is only one layer of testing (duh) Automated unit … Continue reading 

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Universal Truths in Software Design, but We’re All Different

There’s been a lot of blog traffic lately about the differences and merits of both upfront and evolutionary design.  There are a large number of seemingly contradictory design philosophies, techniques and tools out there.  You have to assume that most … Continue reading 

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Repressed Memory

Josh Flanagan (very smart guy and good basketball player who should start updating his blog again) took me to task a bit for my last two posts.  Yesterday I slipped and made a bit of a repeat post about one … Continue reading 

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Really, really tight coupling

It’s time for another episode in the continuing saga of “doing stupid things in stored procedures.”  My colleague is looking at some code that we need to modify with a temporary fix.  The legacy system calls into a stored procedure … Continue reading 

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My Strawman Can Beat Up Your Strawman

There’s a good discussion going on right now on the Yahoo XP board about Jim Shore’s post on design.    The pro-Agile and anti-Agile arguments can get pretty silly because they’re mostly using very stupid implementations of either XP or … Continue reading 

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Joel On Software Discovers Agile Planning

Joel Spolsky needs no particular introduction.  He’s effectively “the” blogger on software development and definitely one of my inspirations for doing the Shade Tree Developer.  He’s also occasionally full of crap, especially when he’s making uninformed pronouncements on the effectiveness of agile … Continue reading 

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