My Last Rant about Stored Procedure Abuse

At the request of one of my colleagues —

“There should be more classes than stored procedures”

        — Gary Williams

EDIT 10/28/2005 – Just to make this more specific, let’s say there should really be more LOC in C#/Java/VB.Net than in T-SQL or PL/SQL

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  • Gary Williams

    SPROC bad, code good. Can put code in service layer. SProc not do service layer. SProc not translate if change database. SProc not refactor easy. SProc hard to test.

    Me no like Sproc.

  • Eric Wise

    I use codegen for everything I possibly can.

  • sahilmalik

    In my opinion, single table CRUD can definitely be automated.

    Multiple tables – you have interesting issues to worry about.

  • DawlinLi

    OMG, the senior developer here do EVERYTHING in stored procedure, business/validation, you name it. The only .NET component is straight data translation, that’s it.

  • Oskar Austegard

    In a data-driven application, business logic will often migrate from classes to the stored procs for performance and data integrity issues… Typically only the R is generic – the CUD may be much more complex.

  • Jeremy D. Miller

    Either way, human beings shouldn’t have to be toiling away writing generic CRUD sprocs by hand. Been there, done that, moved on.

  • sahilmalik

    Then don’t do stored procs for simple CRUD :)

  • Jeremy D. Miller

    Ok, I’ll clarify then —

    More classes than stored procedures that do business logic.

    Do you use codegen for the sproc’s?

  • ewise


    If I have a customer class, and I use stored procedures for my CRUD, then I’m already at 4:1.