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Does Effective TDD Require OOP?

I’ve had several conversations lately around the idea that Test Driven Development either requires or enforces good Object Oriented Programming.  I’ve always been a bit unclear in my own mind on whether doing TDD leads me to writing better OOP, … Continue reading 

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Potpourri from Scott Bellware’s TDD Event

Just some random thoughts from Scott Bellware’s TDD event in Houston yesterday…   Something that I hear a lot of TDD newbies and skeptics complain about is doing things in code for no other reason than to enable automated unit … Continue reading 

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Ordering Code Construction Tasks

I spent a couple years as an engineer on large petrochemical construction projects.  A lot of the mental work in a large construction project is determining the order of construction for the various subsystems and physical structures of the plant.  In … Continue reading 

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Introduction to using StructureMap for Dependency Injection

StructureMap is an open source tool I’ve written for Dependency Injection support in .Net.  This past week I’ve had a couple requests for a gentle introduction to StructureMap, so here’s my first attempt.  Typically I use StructureMap in a handful … Continue reading 

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Microsoft’s recommendations for Test Driven Development are wrong!

Okay, wrong is too harsh, but I made you look.  Microsoft has published a list of recommendations for doing Test Driven Development in VS 2005 at  Before I start bashing MS here, let me say that it *is* a … Continue reading 

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It’s just not enough to be right…

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew your team/company/organization was going down the wrong road, but you couldn’t stop it?  One of my best courses in college was engineering communication.  One of the things we studied in … Continue reading 

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10 worst software bugs ever,2924,69355,00.html?tw=rss.TEK   I can’t say that I’ve ever coded something this bad.  The worst I’ve ever done just made a factory floor a little bit slower.

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Agile Austin Lunch on Thursday

By all means, if you’re in the Austin area come on in to the Agile lunch on Thursday.  I had to share Bellware’s announcement: Food and agile development talk at the Central Market Cafe at Lamarand 38th ( Upstairs in … Continue reading 

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Very important advice for using CruiseControl.Net

One of the very valuable features of CruiseControl.Net is the CCTray client that sits in your system tray and gives both visual and audio confirmations of build status.  Remember to rotate those sound files every so often because they’ll get … Continue reading 

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Using the Chain of Responsibility Pattern

It’ll never be the most commonly used pattern in your design toolbox, but I’ve occasionally had good results using a “Chain of Responsibility” (CoR) pattern to organize wildly variable logic.  Most importantly, my team recently used the pattern a couple … Continue reading 

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