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Why and When to Use Mock Objects

In the last post I introduced mock objects and talked about some of the various flavors of fake objects.  In this post I want to talk about when and why you would use a mock object.  The main benefit of … Continue reading 

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Mock Objects and Stubs: The Bottle Brush of TDD

I’m in a dry spell for blogging, so here’s a rehash of a presentation I gave internally at work earlier this year.  The general topic of mock objects comes up pretty often at our Agile Austin lunches, so I figure … Continue reading 

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Preaching to the choir

We got into a bad cycle in our standup meeting about one of those sticky production situations with no good, easy solution.  It’s a real problem and I don’t mean to make light of it, but it spawned a great … Continue reading 

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Occam’s Razor for Debugging

Occam’s Razor Let’s all remember to check out the simplest, easiest to check causes first anytime we’re debugging a testing or production defect.  If nothing else, knock the simple explanations off the list of possibles quickly before you consider anything … Continue reading 

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