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How big is a User Story?

I’ve had 3-4 different conversations this week on the proper size of a user story.  My opinion is to simply slice your user stories into the smallest chunks of work that are still:   A.)  Testable B.)   Provide some sort … Continue reading 

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Darren Hobbs gives Agile Answers

I thought this was a very good post answering some of the common objections and concerns to TDD from newcomers.  I’ve heard some variety of every single objection he lists. Agile Answers

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The sage old man is blogging now

We finally coaxed our colleague, Gary Williams, to start blogging.  One of my main sources of entertainment is now bringing his act to the blogosphere.    The feed is

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Is anybody using StructureMap?

I’m finally getting very active in creating the next StructureMap release.  Someone had suggested to me that I include a list in the website of some of the places and projects that are using StructureMap in their development.  If you’re using … Continue reading 

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Leaky Abstractions and the Last Responsible Moment for Design

If you haven’t read it before, go check out Joel’s Law of Leaky Abstractions.   I bumped into some code in one of our projects last week that is a classic case of a leaky abstraction.  It looked something like this: … Continue reading 

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Of Spikes and Prototypes

Len Holgate recently made a good post on the dangers of runaway prototypes.  Len shares a story of letting prototype code cross the line into production code and paying the consequences.    We’ve all been there.  Many of the worst, … Continue reading 

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Great Quote from Jeffrey Palermo

Our laptops at work are a little shy on memory and with Visual Studio w/ReSharper/Sql Server/IIS going all the time the hard drive light basically never goes off.  On top of that, our laptop model has a reputation for hard … Continue reading 

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Best and Worst Practices for Mock Objects

Mock objects are like any other tool.  Used one way they’re a huge time saver.  In other cases they can easily create more work and degrade the quality of the testing code.  In this post I’ll try to present some … Continue reading 

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