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On Rapid Application Development and Creating Maintainable Code

[EDIT] Before I start, let me make this very clear.  RAD is not evil, it doesn’t kill, and for a very common class of applications it is both appropriate and efficient.   Some of my CodeBetter neighbors have been posting … Continue reading 

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Pragmatic viewpoints on SOA

From DonXML, Intro to Web Services – It’s All About the Message – NYC Code Camp Writing WSDL by hand seems about as efficient as writing IDL by hand back in the COM days.  Every time I’m involved with web … Continue reading 

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Getting off of VSS and onto Subversion

Steve Barron asked for a pointer to a VSS alternative.  My team uses the open source Subversion system for source control and we’re very happy with it.  The best thing to say about it is that it almost never gets … Continue reading 

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Mapping Enumerations with NHibernate – and hooray for open source unit tests

This is just to make a permanent note to myself. We were using NHibernate this morning to map a class that had an enumeration type property.  By default NHibernate will store the enumeration integer value in the database.  Since this particular table will … Continue reading 

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Be Careful Mocking Concrete or Abstract Classes

I had a question today about whether you could just mark methods as virtual on a concrete class so they could be mocked, or if you should just extract an interface and mock that.  In a statically typed language like … Continue reading 

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Amen to that, Brother Haack

Phil Haack has a great post that’s near and dear to my heart, Better Developers Through Diversity. He makes a hugely important point that we should never look at Microsoft as the ultimate source of software development knowledge.  I work in a .Net … Continue reading 

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More Thoughts on Model View Presenter

This is a follow up to my post on the Model View Presenter pattern with ASP.Net to address or clarify some of comments from the earlier post.  I apologize for being so slow in answering the comments. The Presenter is … Continue reading 

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Once and for all, email is not a good medium for communication,70179-0.html? And try Alistair Cockburn’s classic article on the effectiveness of various forms of communication: We’re a little satellite office and we suffer from some occasional communication gaffe’s related to email misunderstandings.  Body language doesn’t come across over email … Continue reading 

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Being careful with project codenames

I have a silly superstition that any project with a cool, cutesy, or grand-sounding codename is doomed to failure.  We’re breaking my own rule by calling a new infrastucture subsystem “Firefly” (we’re all Firefly/Serenity fans) and talking about a new consolidated … Continue reading 

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Like many historically Microsoft development shops we struggle with grossly inappropriate usage of stored procedures (every single MS development shop I’ve worked in or consulted for had this issue to some degree or another).  Part of our “rules engine” varies by configuring the name … Continue reading 

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