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Monthly Archives: February 2006

OO, TDD, and Agile processes are all good, but better get the basic things right too

I mostly blog about more or less abstract topics like Agile development processes, design patterns, and TDD strategies because it’s what I’m mostly interested in at the moment.  I definitely think these topics are important, but it’s often doing the basic things … Continue reading 

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Test Driven Development with ASP.Net and the Model View Presenter Pattern

DISCLAIMER:  This was written all the way back in Feb. 2006 when we thought that MVP with ASP.NET was the only real alternative for somewhat testable web user interfaces.  I thank you for the interest, but there have been better articles written … Continue reading 

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I thought you said NOT to cross the streams!

We had a little snafu at work today from a lack of communication.  It didn’t end up costing us any significant amount of time, but it could have.  We had two pairs (all the developers in the office) working on … Continue reading 

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