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TDD Misconceptions

Jeffrey’s post on Rocky Lhotka’s off the cuff remarks about TDD is spawning a good discussion and several rebuttals.  Several people have gone off on agile zealots as well.  I’m pretty sure I’m included in the zealot bag there.  We … Continue reading 

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SomethingManager Classes

[EDIT] – The key point I was trying to make is to watch out for class names that do not communicate their intention.  If SomethingManager has a specific meaning in your system and your team is happy with it, that’s all … Continue reading 

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When time crawls

I had one of those days today where you spend a hurtful amount of time just waiting for something to happen.  I’m not terribly patient to begin with, and this stuff is aggravating: Waiting on the CC.Net build and the … Continue reading 

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Roy Osherove on Testability Design

Roy Osherove has started a great series called Achieving And Recognizing Testable Software Designs that covers a lot of the main design issues and strategies for Test Driven Development. In particular, he describes marking a method as virtual so you can create a subclass specific … Continue reading 

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Issues viewing my blog

I’ve had a few comments lately that my blog format is cutting off material or hard to read in some cases.  Bear with me a little while and I’ll try to address the issues next week.  Please send any suggestions.   

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One Year Blogging Anniversary, and going dark for awhile

Today marks the one year anniversary for blogging.  About 125 posts, more that a few rants, and a handful of foot in mouth episodes.  I’ll be on vacation in Sydney, Austrailia for the next two weeks so I probably won’t … Continue reading 

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Jeremy’s Second Law of TDD: Push, Don’t Pull

Laws of TDD is probably something that should be written by someone with more authority in the community, but I’ve got a blog and I thought of it first, so here goes.  I’ll expound on each of these at some … Continue reading 

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Things we talked about at the Austin Code Camp

This past Saturday was the Austin Code Camp.  I had a great time and the general consensus was that it was a success.  Kudos to Jeffrey for organizing the event.  I just wanted to follow up with some links to … Continue reading 

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