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The State Pattern: An Underappreciated Pattern

Following up on my post on Six Design Patterns to Start With, I mentioned the State pattern in regards to its similarity to the Strategy pattern.  It might not come up that often, but it’s very effective in creating cleaner … Continue reading 

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Mort + RAD == Business Value Now && IT Headaches Later

I think everybody and their little brother has seen Jeffrey and Scott’s posts bashing the MS personas (I still like the name “Elvis” though) and calling for a higher skill level across the board for developers.  I largely agree with … Continue reading 

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I’m an IRecividist

I apologize in advance for the poor taste displayed by this post, but it was a rough day. Harry Pierson’s post on Sacred Code Cows made me feel a little a bit guilty.  I’ve completely shaken off the bonds of Hungarian … Continue reading 

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Finishing Off Each Iteration with a Deployable Product

In my last post I talked a little bit about the difficulties that my team is facing in driving the user stories in each user story to “done, done, done.”  Last Thursday we did a release retrospective meeting on our … Continue reading 

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"Code Complete" is a lie, "Done, done, done" is the truth

Before you flame me, I’m not talking about the canonical book by Steve McConnell.  What I mean is that this statement is a lie – “we’re code complete on feature xyz.”  That phrase is a lie, or at least misleading, … Continue reading 

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Six Design Patterns to Start With

One of my colleagues asked me to demonstrate and explain six patterns for folks with little or no exposure to design patterns.  Thou shall count to 6, no more, no less and 8 is right out.  Choosing the six patterns … Continue reading 

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Just when I’m about to give up on Joel he hits one out of the park Nice, and timely.

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Lots of Provocative Thoughts from Sam Gentile

Our CodeBetter-mate Sam Gentile gave a truly great talk this evening at our ADNUG meeting.  He covered a remarkable variety of topics related to Extreme Programming practices and tooling for .Net.  I had to leave early to take a sick … Continue reading 

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Redesigning existing code

Uncle Bob Martin has a post up called Wading through Code where he talks about becoming a better developer by reading someone else’s code.  The value of reading good code, or just plain different code, from someone else is obvious, and you’ll pick … Continue reading 

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Environment Tests and Self-Diagnosing Configuration (with StructureMap)

I added an exciting new feature to our suite of applications this week.  Not “seeing Star Wars for the first time” exciting or maybe even Ajax/Web 2.0 cool, but something that will definitely make our collective lives easier.  I added … Continue reading 

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