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Stuff coming up at the Shade Tree Developer

If you’re in Austin, I’m doing a presentation on StructureMap at the ADNUG meeting on July 10th.  I’ll post the slide deck and the coding samples afterwards. Mea culpa, I’ve gotten really far behind in answering emails the last couple … Continue reading 

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So How do You Introduce TDD into an Organization or Team?

There’s an interesting thread going on in the Yahoo TDD group started by Jay Flowers about introducing TDD to a large organization, and an interesting spawned thread about TDD without OO.  I made a tangential post last week that’s referenced … Continue reading 

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What’s your CruiseControl.Net sound theme?

Just out of pure whimsy, what is everybody using for their CCNet tray sounds?  My team made a pact to change all of our sounds over this week because the old sounds were getting old.  I’d had Firefly/Serenity sounds for … Continue reading 

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NSpec – BDD comes to the .Net world

I saw this this morning –> If you haven’t seen it before, think of Behavior Driven Development as a refined version of TDD.  Most of the writings on BDD I’ve seen so far are geared towards Ruby and other dynamic … Continue reading 

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TDD with Loops and Aggregated Operations

This was originally meant to be an example in the Test Small Before Testing Big post.  Several months ago I overheard a developer pair on the other side of the room struggling over how to write a specific unit test.  … Continue reading 

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Just so I can permanently retire this WTF story

This post has little redeeming value and it’ll be a bit mean-spirited, but there are some lessons learned at the bottom.  At the Agile Austin lunch today Joshua Flanagan and I were talking about how developers are sometimes slow to … Continue reading 

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Breaking my Visio/Rose-less streak today

I had to break down and install Visio this afternoon to create some UML sequence diagrams to send to an overseas development partner tomorrow.  That breaks a 3+ year streak without drawing a single UML diagram in any kind of modeling tool.  I’m planning to promptly begin  a … Continue reading 

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How much design before unit testing, and how much design knowledge before TDD?

In my Third Law of TDD Liang asked me in a comment: “Could you let me know if you have a basic application architecture design in mind before you write the first line of code? Or you just let the … Continue reading 

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Test Driven Development is merely one part of a well-balanced diet

Some ranting ahead…           …or just skip to the second paragraph I’ve never, ever seen any serious minded person claim that TDD is a silver bullet that’s going to stop all defects from getting into your system.  I have heard some … Continue reading 

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Acceptance Testing – "Under the Skin" or using Stubs, is that Okay?

From Why and When to Use Mock Objects, Mike Bria asks: …So, my thought (and question) is this: is it okay for me to apply “faking” principles at a service level? In other words — I’m testing service 1, which, … Continue reading 

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