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I could code that, well maybe not

After getting my toddler to bed, I’ve been sitting on the living room couch writing a real blog post and watching a Tivo’ed episode of Stargate SG-1.  The brilliant scientist types are concocting a scheme to write a computer virus … Continue reading 

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If you’re as big a fan of My Name is Earl as I am, you’ll understand me when I say that Karma is punishing me today for the ASP code that I wrote circa 1998. I’ve been messing with some legacy ASP … Continue reading 

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Sometimes Dilbert just makes me sad

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in this position, but the strip still hurts.  At least our deadlines kinda make since, it’s the date when sales promised a feature to a client without asking us first.

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Chiefs sign Law, Hope springs eternal (Way Off Topic) Ok, I’m a happy, lifelong Chiefs fan at the moment.  Don’t even think about raining on my parade by putting a comment here about how KC’s offense is a bunch of geriatrics or how the defense has been awful since … Continue reading 

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An infallible mechanism to measure your growth as a developer

Unfortunately, I think the best barometer to measure your growth as a developer is looking at your old code and cringing.  This morning I needed a little enhancement to a web page, and rather than writing something new or looking … Continue reading 

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Do you really need a CS degree to be a developer?

I was reading this post on starting a new software project this morning and basically nodding along with everything the writer said (with an emphatic nod at point #1), until I hit this part at the bottom: Do not hire … Continue reading 

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Create a Testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium (Part 2)

In my previous post, in the context of some large scale automated tests for our new “Bundle” processing subsystem, I introduced my best friend in the whole wide world of test automation, the FitNesse DoFixture.  So far I’m pretty pleased … Continue reading 

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Create a Testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium (Part 1)

My team uses FitNesse extensively to create automated acceptance tests for our systems.  Recently we’ve added Selenium RC running from within FitNesse to our toolbox.  There’s a lot of buzz lately over the creation of Domain Specific Languages (DSL), driven … Continue reading 

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If you want to learn about implementing Model View Presenter in ASP.Net, read this

Billy McCafferty has published a very good introduction to the MVP in ASP.Net that dives into the mechanics of a lot of the common idioms in real life enterprise architecture.  I especially liked the example of enforcing user permissions on … Continue reading 

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Slides from the StructureMap Talk Last Night at ADNUG

The slide deck and sample code from my StructureMap talk last night is available from the ADNUG downloads page.  Thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for inviting me and everybody who attended. If you’re using a different DI tool than StructureMap, we … Continue reading 

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