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Some great posts

There seems to be a bushel load of great blog posts the last couple of days.

Jay Flowers has a Tour De Force article presenting the beginnings of a metric to measure the testability of code.  One major reason newcomers to TDD become discouraged and struggle with TDD is that they’re not writing testable code.  If you’re new to TDD the very best advice I can give you is to just assume from the beginning that you must change the way you code.  TDD is going to put a much higher priority on loose coupling and stronger cohesion than you might without TDD.  Jay is working towards providing guidance tools for TDD newcomers to aid in TDD adoption, especially with legacy code.


Cory Foy has a nice post entitled We’re only as agile as our process about dealing with bureaucracy.  I have a nearly absolute lack of patience for any kind of red tape and I feel his pain.


Switching gears, Scott Hanselman had a post yesterday about using JSON as a serialization mechanism to send data between Javascript/AJAX pages and the backend.  JSON is native to Javascript and ends up being a much easier transport mechanism to deal with in Javascript that Xml.  I’ve been using JSON a little bit in combination with Prototype’s Object.extend() method to setup classes in Javascript.  The really cool thing I haven’t tried yet is that Ruby uses something called YAML as its serialization markup language that is at least partially compatible with JSON.  Anyway, I was surprised when I first started reading about JSON this spring.  Apparently it is perfectly possible to build entire systems without a lick of Xml.  I know, absolute heresy.

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  • http://weblogs.asp.net/mschwarz/archive/2006/07/10/Serializing-Objects-as-JavaScript-using-Atlas-and-AjaxPro-_5B00_Part-2_5D00_.aspx Michael Schwaru

    See updated AjaxPro library with “new Date” parsing.

  • http://dotnetjunkies.com/weblog/johnwood johnwood

    As far as I know JSON doesn’t have any kind of formal schema definition language, nor any kind of typing, which kind of limits its usefulness for serious use.