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Monthly Archives: July 2006

One Weekend at "No Fluff," So Many Thoughts…

I just spent a great, great weekend at the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference in Austin.  I would more or less characterize the conference as Drinking Ruby Koolaid from a Firehose.  Besides Ruby on Rails I sat in on talks … Continue reading 

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Some great posts

There seems to be a bushel load of great blog posts the last couple of days. Jay Flowers has a Tour De Force article presenting the beginnings of a metric to measure the testability of code.  One major reason newcomers … Continue reading 

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Is UML Important?

I’m spending a lot of time today running some *slow* build scripts and FitNesse tests, so I’ve got time to throw this out.  In my last post I linked to an article by Robert Glass that more or less called … Continue reading 

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Some stuff to think about

Robert Glass has a nice, short article on some findings on software project success: http://www.developerdotstar.com/mag/articles/software_success_failure.html   Something he lists as a surprise finding that bothers me: “Post mortem reviews are rarely held, and when they are it is almost always … Continue reading 

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Mock Objects are your Friend

This is the final post in the whole “Test Small Before Testing Big” saga.  I’ve tried to impress upon any readers new to TDD the importance of writing code in small, easily testable chunk before assembling the parts into the … Continue reading 

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